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Deciding to quit is just about the biggest decision you will ever make. To ask for help through the process requires tremendous mental clarity and courage. If you've decided that you would like rehab, it's a choice you can feel good about. Once you begin looking for drug rehabs in Harrisonburg, however, it can help to think about the treatment that is to come. How do you determine that you get the best treatment possible?

What Is Your Goal with Treatment?

You might feel that it's an obvious question that needs no answer, but it can truly help to verbalize it. Your goal, for example, might be to stop taking drugs, to do it with as little pain and discomfort as possible, and do not suffer a relapse the way you have seen your friends do. Once you have these clear goals in mind, you can bring them up each time you look up drug rehab facilities.

Are these their goals too? What do they do to help make sure that you suffer as little pain as possible? How do they do to make sure that you don't relapse? Direct questions are rarely asked; when you do ask them, you get to know important things. For instance, some rehabs simply aren't set up to offer pain-free detox.

What Is the Operative Treatment Policy in Use?

This might seem like a strange question to ask -- you don't go to the hospital to treat an infection and ask them what their policy is, after all. Rehabs, however, are different. Drug rehab treatment centers are not thoroughly regulated. It's possible for rehabs to operate on religious beliefs, on experimental treatment principles and so on. When you ask this of a rehab, you get useful replies. A Christian rehab that places greater faith in divine help than in science, for instance, will talk about this. Drug rehab programs that operate on the principle of involvement with experimental treatments will tell you that, as well. When you hear something like this, you can right away look for other drug rehabs in Harrisonburg.

What Kind of Assessment Do They Do?

If you went to a doctor to treat a high blood pressure condition, you wouldn't expect them to simply give you a generic prescription; you would expect them to perform tests, ask about your health and your habits, and come up with a treatment plan developed especially for you. Yet, this kind of thing doesn't often happen in addiction rehab centers in Harrisonburg. Patients who are addicted are often simply put on generic treatment plans. One way to make sure that this doesn't happen is to ask about their intake assessment. The deeper it is, the more serious they are about personalized treatment plans.

Typically, you want to see them test you for mental health, psychological health, and for various medical conditions. You need to ask if they use the information gathered in the creation of personalized plans.

What Kind of Staff Do They Have?

Some rehabs have a terrible record of hiring underqualified staff to cut on costs. Not only is it important that addiction professionals be properly qualified and licensed, it's important for everyone around, down to the caregivers, to have special qualifications in the care of those struggling with addiction. Asking about those qualifications is important.

Another way to determine staff quality is to ask about how long their staff has been with them. Many poorly run rehabs suffer from a revolving-door staff problem. You may see a constant parade of different people arrive to treat you each day.

What Happens After Treatment?

Addiction is a complex, multilayered mental disorder. It is not something that you treat for a short, finite period of time. Unfortunately, many rehabs do treat addiction in this way. Patients accepting treatment at these places, understandably, relapse quickly. It's very important to gather information about the entire treatment plan that a rehab has for its patients. It should begin with a thorough intake assessment and go on to medical detox in Harrisonburg, psychological therapy, relapse prevention, and a program that allows patients to gently ease their way into regular life. A thorough program is an excellent indication of quality.

Be an Informed Consumer

When you take a little trouble to ensure that you know how to look for quality drug rehabs in Harrisonburg, the benefits that you reap can be tremendous. Not many people fighting addiction actually do this. If they did, addiction simply wouldn't be the stubborn problem that it usually appears to be. Call Harrisonburg Drug Rehab Centers now at (877) 804-1531.

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