Drug Detox Centers in Harrisonburg, VA

If you're like most people struggling to find a way out of addiction, you're probably not very sure if accepting professional detox is the best way to go. Before you commit to finding good drug detox centers in Harrisonburg, you probably want to know what the pros and cons are.

The truth is, there are no actual cons to going with the latest in modern addiction science. While some things to do with accepting these programs may appear to be difficult to take, they don't usually turn out that way if you take pains to look for a service that's professionally managed.

Medical Detox Is Safe and Pain-Free

Most people addicted tend to worry tremendously about how terrible the pain of detoxifying can be. When you quit a drug habit, the brain has already had a long time on drugs, and has adapted its internal chemical environment to be able to function while exposed to these toxic substances. When you stop, the brain is unable to keep up with the change. You experience terrible symptoms that are both painful, and life-threatening.

At a center for drug detox, you receive medications for every manner of a symptom. From a headache to seizures and cravings, there are medications that help smooth the process. Professional drug detox centers in Harrisonburg are the only feasible and sensible way to get off drugs.

The alternative is to simply quit cold-turkey, or choose one of the unscientific detox centers that offer "drug-free" treatment or other poorly thought-out options. With either alternative, you put yourself through pain and risk.

In Detox You Get Structure

Nine out of 10 of those who try their own detoxification quit at some point. Certainly, the pain of withdrawal is one reason. There is another reason to be aware of as well, however -- when those cravings hit, and there is nothing that stands between you and a hit other than the strength of your own will, you usually fold.

In detox, inpatient detox, especially, you simply do not need to worry, because you are in a drug-free environment. This is excellent structure -- to quit is an option that simply does not exist.

There is more to the structure that the drug detox process provides you with. When you are addicted, you usually lose a healthy daily routine. In detox, however, you're up first thing in the morning and have professionals putting you through every step of treatment required, including healthy meals, therapy, and exercise. A rigid structure can greatly help the mind appreciate and reach for a healthier life.

Therapy Is Everything

While you may not realize it at first, drug detox isn't only about avoiding the pain and cravings. It's also about understanding your condition and gaining the mental tools needed for escape. Therapy is a huge part of detox, and it can greatly help. You only get this at detox.

There Are Incidental Benefits

When you do your own detoxification, no one at work is likely to understand when you need to take several days off -- you usually lose pay. When you go to accredited drug detox centers in Harrisonburg, however, this won't happen. Usually, major employers offer compensation.

There is another often overlooked benefit to giving your attempt to quit the best shot possible: an easier time. Not many people realize that each time they relapse, it makes both withdrawal and maintaining sobriety harder the next time around. Each time you attempt to quit, you need to make sure that you give it your very best shot. This would have to be professional detox.

Are There Downsides to Drug Detox?

The top downside appears in the form of the price tag. Without a doubt, detox can be expensive, costing as much is $1,000 day at inpatient drug and alcohol detox centers (which is the most effective approach to take).

There may be problems with ineffective rehab, as well. This, however, is easily avoided -- all you need is to do your research. You need to make sure that you go to drug rehab in Harrisonburg that is accredited by an industry body such as JA or CARF. This alone helps you make sure that you receive quality treatment.

When it comes to saving on the considerable costs involved, you might find that your insurance company will pay for it, or that Medicaid will. Alternatively, you may be able to find drug detox in Harrisonburg that offers a sliding scale system -- where they offer concessions to those who are unable to pay the full fee.

It's important to understand what addiction is -- a mental disorder. It is a medical condition. Approaching a medical condition with medical treatment is the only sensible choice to go with. Call Harrisonburg Drug Rehab Centers now at (877) 804-1531.

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