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If you're addicted, but you're ready to try to quit, the path to sobriety may not be very clear. To begin, rehab tends to be expensive. It's wonderful if you have health insurance that pays for it; if this isn't an option available to you, however, you'll probably wonder if going to rehab is really necessary. It's reasonable to wonder because there are many rehab centers out there that do a poor job. You've probably heard from friends who've been to rehabs -- they received terrible care. Many have possibly been through a revolving door of rehab, repeatedly gaining sobriety, and then relapsing. You probably find yourself wondering if you really want to spend thousands on such treatment. The answer is, if you know how bad it can be, you're in a very good position to find good alcohol rehabs in Harrisonburg when you begin your search.

It's when you don't know what's out there or how to find good care, that you have a problem. If you know, you get to exercise caution.

Go to a Place That Has an Alumni Program

Many alcohol addiction rehabs advertise high success rates, and those figures can look impressive. In truth, however, success rates don't make sense unless a rehab keeps in touch with patients long after they graduate. Unless a rehab observes all its patients (not just a few) over a full year or longer after the conclusion of their courses, those success rates mean nothing.

Even if they do, it would make sense to make sure that there are no incorrect estimations involved. Every serious rehab has an alumni program where people who have been through courses come together to talk about their experiences. Such conferences can help people with options for sober living in Harrisonburg. If there is such program, you get to talk to those alumni and ask about how good treatment really is at the rehab.

Look at Their About Us Page

This little step is often skipped. Scanning the About us page is important, however, because it helps you ensure that the center is run by those with a background in medicine. Some rehabs, for instance, are run by spiritual cults. They tend to be unqualified and to use unscientific methods. Even worse, they tend to use their rehab programs as a way to recruit.

It's also important to check for accreditation. If you're looking for alcohol rehabs in Harrisonburg, you should look for accreditation by CARF or JA. It helps you ensure that there is a certain, minimal level of adherence to the evidence-based method.

Ask About Their Therapists

Therapy is a vital part of alcohol addiction treatment programs and drug rehabs in Harrisonburg, both at the detox stage and the relapse prevention stage that follows. Therapy helps you stay motivated, and gain the improvements in mental health that you need to retain sobriety. Just as you would never simply sign up with a marriage counselor or other therapist sight unseen, you should never simply sign up to alcohol addiction facilities without finding a way to talk to their therapists.

There are two things that you need to make sure of when you do this. To begin, you need to ascertain that the therapists that you get assigned are qualified in alcohol rehab. You need to make sure, also, that your therapists are people whom you actually like, and can work with.

In the event that you should discover at some point in the program that you aren't happy with your therapist, it would also make sense to make sure that there are it's easy to get reassigned.

You Want to Make Sure That Everyone Else Is Qualified

It isn't just the therapists' qualifications that you need to look into. You also need to take a moment to check out the qualifications of all those who will treat you -- everyone from the doctors and addiction specialists to the nurses and caregivers. Everyone needs to have qualifications that allow them to be effective in their roles.

Alcohol Rehab Can Be Wonderfully Effective

When you quit alcohol, you have little choice other than to accept rehab -- the withdrawal process can be fraught with danger. When you make sure that treatment is properly conceived and deployed, you get to take full advantage of modern advances in the science of addiction rehabilitation. It can take some work to look for alcohol rehabs in Harrisonburg in this way; the results tend to be well worth the effort, however. Call Harrisonburg Drug Rehab Centers now at (877) 804-1531.

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